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Hair System Factory Direct

Typical Descriptions

Integration hair system fits the customers who have their own hair. The base design is very breathable. The net hole size can be made according to the customers’ requirement. The hair texture for this hair system is Mongolian remy hair. Because of small wave treatment, better hair texture needs to be used, or tangle or dry problem would happen.


Base Design

Hair system base design is integration PE line. The net hole is about 1/4″*1/4″. This base design is very breathable. It fits the customer who has own hair. The net hole can be made as requirement, like 1/8″*1/8″, 1/2″*1/2″…The life span for the wig can be around 9 months.


Delicate Hair Texture

Hair system is used high quality remy human hair. All hair tips and hair roots are all in same direction. Tangle problem won’t happen. Also, for such small wave, Mongolian remy hair is used. If using normal Indian hair, after small wave treatment, the hair would be dry and tangle. Eminent hair factory can choose appropriate hair texture according to the requirements.



Hair Length 6″
Curl & Wave Small wave
Density Medium light
Hair Color Custom Made

Inquires & Questions

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