Shedding Hair Reasons for Hair Replacement

Shedding Hair Reasons for Hair Replacement

03/08/2018 Blog

Many customers emailed me that few hair replacements shedding hair quickly. There are two main situations for hair shedding.

A. Hair Shedding with knots. It is normally manufacturer defect. The knots aren’t durable knotted on hair replacement. The knots become loose and then shed.
B. Hair Broken without knots. It is complicated for this situation. There are many reasons for broken shedding hair.
1. Special base material: Some base material life span is very short. The base is broken and the hair sheds quickly. For example, the 0.02mm V looped super thin skin base hair replacement. The skin thickness is too short, just like a piece of paper. The life span is only around 3-4 weeks. After that time, the hair sheds.
2. Much body oil or Sweat: Some customers, especially male customers, they have much body oil or sweat daily. The body oil and sweat can erode the hair replacement base and the hair root. The knots will be undurable and then the hair sheds.
3. Using Hair dryer too near to hair replacement: Some customers take shower everyday and use hair dryer then. But the hair dryer is too near to the hair replacement. The high temperature can also destroy the hair knots. After several weeks, the hair sheds.
4. Manufacturer Defect: If the hair is over treated and it is easily broken.

For manufacturer defect within 3 months for custom orders, Eminent hair can repair or remake free of charge. For other shedding reasons for hair replacement, hope they can help customers to find reasons.
Any other question or problem, please feel free to contact . Eminent Hair always here for help.





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