Skin Men’s Toupee

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Skin Men’s Toupee

Skin Men’s Toupee

Skin Men’s Toupee

Typical Descriptions

Skin men’s toupee is Eminent Hair stock hair system for instant delivery. Any skin thickness are available. V looped hairline effect is very natural. For this toupee, it is 0.02mm skin thickness. The life span is only around 1-3 months because the skin thickness is too thin.


Base Design

This toupee base design is ultra thin skin 0.02mm. It is just like a piece of paper. V looped can only be used because the skin is too thin. The life span is only around 1-3 months. Other skin thickness for hair replacement like 0.04mm, 0.06mm, 0.08mm, 0.10mm, 0.12mm ..can also be made . Eminent Hair factory can make any base designs accordingly. The leading time is about 6 weeks and rush for 4 weeks.

Skin Men’s Toupee
Skin Men’s Toupee

Natural Hairline Effect

Toupee hairline is used V looped. There isn’t any knots. The effect is very natural.
Also, the hair system is used high quality human hair. It is soft and delicate. Other hair textures, like Chinese hair, Mongolian hair, European hair are also available.



Hair Length 6″
Wave Natural Straight
Density Medium-light
Hair Color Custom Made

Inquires & Questions

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