Top Reasons behind Certain Types of Mens Hair Loss

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Top Reasons behind Certain Types of Mens Hair Loss

There is a range of causes or reasons that can trigger Hair Loss for both men and women, but in some situations, people tend to shy away from coming to terms with the real reason they’re losing hair, and just blame the cause on genetics or age.

It can be a very stressful experience and even more frustrating when attempting to discover a solution for anyone suffering hair loss. Fortunately for males scientists have discovered the prevalent causes of hair loss in males and simplified them. The following are the top 5 reasons that cause people to lose their hair.

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is one of the most common types of hair loss, most men suffer with. This form of hair loss happens primarily with a recession in the form of U or M around the hairline and head crown, the hair follicles start to shrink over time, and eventually dilute or full loss. The hairpieces for men can help you get rid of this problem.


Any type of stress can be a strain on anyone’s health, whether it be physical or mental. Severe stress can send waves around your body of various metabolites and hormones that can put it in shock. This is the stage where the hair begins to shed. If you can tackle the root of your stress, your hair is likely to grow back. If you suffer from stress, it is always advised to seek medical advice.

Autoimmune Hair loss

Chronic illnesses such as diabetes, autoimmune disorders or thyroid diseases have been closely linked to hair loss, some side effects from medication can cause damage to your follicles. It is always advised to speak with a professional or doctor if you think you may be losing your hair for this reason and men’s wig toupee can help your in these situations.

Skin Conditions

Hair loss in men can be onset by various skin conditions and diseases, from psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and many other especially since hair is formed from the follicles of the scalp, any type of contact skin or scalp issue can cause strain and cause hair loss. Buy men’s wig toupee from Qingdao Eminent Hair, as they are best solutions for coping up with hair loss.


There are many variables in everyday living that can be the unseen cause of hair loss, including the following:

Poor dietlack of nutrients can make your hair weaker and ultimately fall out.

Alcohol & Smoking–Both of these external variables on a daily basis can have a major effect on your hair.

Excessive exercise or physical activity–going to the gym and excessive workouts can placed your body in a shock state that is also a root cause of hair loss.

Products–Excessive use of products can ultimately result in hair loss harm to the hair shaft. Many goods like gels, hairsprays or mousse contain alcohol that can harm your hair.

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