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Eminent Hair Density Standard

For density standard, each factories and companies have different standard. For custom made toupee orders, same density standard is very important. It can avoid mistake and misunderstanding between salers and customers.

For Eminent Hair, our density standard is as following:

1. Extra Light—60%

2. Light—80%

3. Medium Light—100%

4. Medium—120%

5. Medium Heavy—140%

6. Heavy—160%

7. Extra Heavy—180%

We also have density chart on sale. Of course, if the customers can send us your own density chart, we can make exactly as your requirement.

Eminent Hair is hair products factory for many years. Exactly satisfying customer’s requirement is our principle. If any requirement, please contact us freely. The email address is info@eminenthair.com and admin@eminenthair.com .

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