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PU Men’s Toupee Knots kinds

Men’s toupee with PU base is hotsale recently because its natural and real effect. The PU thickness can be made differently from 0.02mm , 0.04mm, 0.06mm, 0.08mm, 0.12mm and so on. The durability and lift span of men’s toupee varies for different PU thickness. For PU knots, there are 3 popular kinds, V looped, Injection, and single reverse spilt knots

1. V—looped

V-looped is knotted just like the letter V. There isn’t any knots on the PU men’s toupee base. The effect is very natural. V looped is used on 0.02mm ultra skin men’s toupee because the skin is too thin. Other knots can’t be used on the base.

2. Injection

Injection is injected the hair directly to the PU base. It doesn’t have any reverse hair. The effect is just like the hair grown from the PU directly. The men’s toupee hair style can be made any direction. Compared with V looped, injection is flatter on the base.

3. Single Reverse Spilt Knots

Single reverse spilt knots is the widest use on PU men’s toupee. It is the most durable knots kind among all the knots for PU base. There is small knots on the base. The effect is lift and natural.

Eminent Hair have stock men’s toupees for any knots for V-looped, injection and single reverse spilt knots. These men’s toupee can be sent out instantly after payment. Many colors are available. Any need, please feel free to contact us info@eminenthair.com .

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